Chvrches, 2021. Credit: Credit: Jennifer McCord for NME

Chvrches have said it’s “inevitable” that the band will score a game in the future, having already contributed music to some big titles already.

Speaking to the BBC, multi-instrumentalist Martin Doherty discussed how the band were looking for “the kind of project where music has a pivotal role”, adding that the band is keen to create their own score for a game.

“I think it’s inevitable that we’re going to score a game at some point. We went from Mirror’s Edge to Death Stranding until all of our passion was in the gaming industry,” explained Doherty.

“It’s only a matter of time until we find a gaming project that’s longer-form that we can really sink our teeth into.”

Likewise, bandmate Iain Cook shared Doherty’s ambition for scoring a game, though already has a specific style in mind. Cook says he has a particular passion for “games like Tetris Effect where you’re actually making, or in some ways are influencing, the music with your gameplay”.

“I think what I’d be looking for personally is the kind of project where music has more of a pivotal role – where music can be really part of the experience rather than just a backdrop to somebody’s story.”

The Scottish trio has a rich history of contributing to video game scores. Back in 2019, Chvrches released the song ‘Death Stranding‘ for the game of the same name. Chvrches’ contribution to the game was not lost on creator Hideo Kojima, who Chvrches say cried upon hearing it.

Before that, the band created a track called ‘Warning Call’ for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Meanwhile, Chvrches recently shared three new songs from the deluxe edition of their acclaimed fourth album ‘Screen Violence‘. Their single ‘Good Girls’ was also recently remixed by horror director John Carpenter. 

The trio return to the UK for a run of headline shows in March.

In other news, Back 4 Blood is set to receive single-player offline mode next month. In a roadmap shared by Turtle Rock Studios, the developer revealed plans for the update to arrive in December.

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