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Ciarán Hinds has admitted that he was initially “put off” appearing in Game Of Thrones due to the amount of sex depicted in the series.

The actor played the role of Mance Rayder in the HBO series between 2013 and 2015, although he explained in a new interview that he was hesitant to accept the part.

“I was rather put off by the amount of sexuality that was going on in it, because it was taking away from the actual political storytelling,” he told The Independent. “But that’s business, I guess, from their perspective.”

Last year, Hinds revealed to NME that he stopped watching Game Of Thrones after his character was killed off in season five. He also reflected on why his leader of the Free Folk resonated with fans.

Ciaran Hinds
Hinds has appeared in series like ‘Game Of Thrones’ as well as acclaimed films such as ‘Belfast’. CREDIT: Getty

“He knows that he has the capability to be the spokesperson, but he didn’t put himself higher than the rest of them,” Hinds explained.

“I think that’s probably why people followed him. I didn’t follow the show once Mance died, so I owe myself a treat once I stop working to watch it from beginning to end.”

The star added: “He didn’t bother with any of the extraneous nonsense that we usually see from people who lead. He said, ‘This is what the issue is, I believe in it, these people need help, and we are going to take action. And I will be as they are and I will live the life that they do.’

Ciaran Hinds (Picture: Getty)

“It’s not leading from the front. It’s leading from the centre, in a way, because he’s right in the middle of it.”

Game Of Thrones came to an end after eight seasons in 2019 although the universe of Westeros has continued in the prequel series House Of The Dragon, which debuted on HBO last year.

A second season is on the way. While a release date is yet to be confirmed, HBO Max content CEO Cacey Bloys has suggested that it could arrive in summer 2024.

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