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CL has dropped the music video for ‘Let It’, a cut from her debut album ‘ALPHA’.

‘Let It’ the sixth track from her latest record to receive a video treatment. Released today (October 27), the charming visual finds CL sitting atop a huge water tank in the middle of a desert while singing at the sky.

“Don’t worry it can go / Always do what you feel / Regrets comes with rewarding without doing it,” she sings energetically in the refrain. The clip is also interspersed with several shots of CL riding a red sports car through the sandy landscape.

The former 2NE1 leader dropped her long-awaited full-length album ‘ALPHA’ last week, alongside a chic music video for ‘Tie A Cherry’. The 11-track record also includes singles like ‘Spicy’ and ‘Lover Like Me’, which had dropped in the two months leading up to the arrival of ‘ALPHA’, as well as previously released cuts ‘5 STAR’ and ‘HWA’.

In a glowing four-star review of the record, NME called it “a homecoming by all definitions of the word, the singer-rapper takes an unabashed leap into the unknown while forging and fortifying her signature sound”.

Shortly after the release of ‘ALPHA’, CL appeared on First We Feast’s popular ‘Hot Ones’ challenge while being interviewed by host Sean Evans. During the segment, the star reflected on her time with girl group 2NE1, with whom she first debuted in 2009.

“I think being able to work with three very different types of characters, together as a group – I learned so much from them,” she said.

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