Claire Foy

Claire Foy is the subject of a new viral video, in which the actor refuses to sign an autograph for a specific reason.

The short clip, which is currently making the rounds on social media, features The Crown star pausing to sign an autograph, but refusing after seeing the colour of the pen ink.

Foy, who recently starred in the movie All Of Us Strangers, continued to walk past the fan saying: “I don’t do blue,” to which the fan replied, “What?”, prompting Foy to repeat herself.

Viewers of the video have been sharing theories about the actor’s refusal on social media. According to LadBible, one user suggested: “Most celebrities and athletes are taught not to do blue ink cause you can scan and forge the signature on other things and sell them.”

However, as per an interview with Today, banker and attorney Christopher M. Naghibi explained: “The notion that blue ink can be forged more easily than black ink isn’t necessarily accurate in the context of modern technology. It really stems from an old, outdated ideology.”

He added: “As an attorney, I can tell you that blue ink is often preferred for signing important documents because it helps distinguish an original signature from a black-and-white photocopy or a printed signature.”


In response to the video, some X/Twitter users have been sharing their thoughts. One user wrote: “Love a good diva moment” while another agreed with the common theory which was dismissed by Naghibi: “For the love of God guys, she’s not signing in blue cause it’s so easy to scan and forge the signature on other things and sell them. People saying that she’s arrogant aren’t fans and it shows… Anyway, live love laugh Claire Foy”.

Elsewhere, last month Foy shared how the director on her first major acting job was “very unkind” to her.

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