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John Mulaney

John Mulaney has said he was investigated by the secret service about one of his jokes.

The stand-up comedian, who voices Andrew Glouberman in Big Mouth and writes for Saturday Night Live, detailed an enquiry received about a joke deemed to be about Donald Trump.

“In February, I did a joke that was not about Donald Trump,” Mulaney said during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

“The joke was about how it was a leap year, and leap year had been started by Julius Caesar to correct the calendar, and another thing that happened with Caesar was that he was stabbed to death by a bunch of senators because he went crazy.

“And I said I think that’s an interesting thing that could happen.”

The investigation then concluded that Mulaney was not a threat to national security as there was no direct mention of Trump, and the comedian had not written and “manifestos” or “rants” about him online.

“The person vetting me was very understanding that the joke had nothing to do with Donald Trump because it was an elliptical reference to him,” Mulaney added.

“I didn’t say anything about him. In terms of risk assessment, no one who’s ever looked at me thought I registered above a one.”

He continued: “I said I have been making jokes about him since 2007, so I have been making fun of him for 13 years. “They said if it’s a joke, then I am cleared by the Secret Service.”

Elsewhere, John Mulaney recently revealed that Julian Casablancas gifted him a trench coat and sunglasses, after the pair met on Saturday Night Live.

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