CrossfireX launched for Xbox consoles on February 10 but has suffered from several issues prompting the developer to apologise.

In a post on CrossfireX’s website, executive producer Sooro Boo has apologised and outlined plans to address issues with the game. (via Eurogamer)

“It’s clear that we have inadvertently disappointed many of our players and fans that have stuck with us for a long time,” Boo said. “You mean everything to us and I felt that you deserved more than just a simple patch note, which is why I wanted to take this opportunity to personally apologise for the current state of the game, take you through exactly how we plan to address the issues and ultimately ask for a chance to make it all up to you.”

The first problem listed is controller sensitivity issues that include input delay, acceleration instability with the right stick, and aim dropping without any changes to the sensitivity settings. There are also problems with the power level of Boogieman and aiming down sights with the CAR-4.

CrossfireX will be receiving an expedited patch to address these issues. The update was initially planned to be released in March, but the team at Smilegate will be applying fixes a few weeks sooner.

The post ends with a message from Boo: “There will always be bugs and various issues when it comes to video games, but we felt that CrossfireX’s current issues had to do more with the core fundamentals of the game and that it felt like we’ve betrayed the trust of our players. There is simply no excuse for this, which is why I wanted to make a personal apology and explain exactly what the issues are and how we plan to overcome them.”

In other news, Babylon’s Fall will be receiving a playable demo ahead of the game’s launch next month.

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