CROWBAR will release its new album, "Zero And Below", on March 4 via MNRK Heavy (formerly eOne Music). The official music video for the LP's latest single, "Bleeding From Every Hole", can be seen below. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Duane Simoneaux at OCD Recording And Production in Metairie, Louisiana, "Zero And Below" is reverently old school, counterbalanced by a resonant melodicism that's stunningly mature. Songs like "Chemical Godz", "Bleeding From Every Hole" and "It's Always Worth The Gain" demonstrate what CROWBAR does better than any other band: powerful, evocative, and crushingly heavy music. Celebrating a recent 30th anniversary, CROWBAR is led by one of the most beloved figures in heavy metal, riff overlord Kirk Windstein, whose menacing bellow and smooth drawl put resilient, unrepentant strength behind even the most somber odes to suffering. Comments Windstein about "Bleeding From Every Hole": "I really love this track. It's kind of strange that it was written before the COVID epidemic because the song is basically what so many people went through in a metaphorical way during the shutdowns, loss of work, and social life. Things seemed so bad that no matter which way you turned, it was the wrong direction. I wanted to express that there are people that feel that things are hopeless… but they do get better in the end. Your inner strength is there. It needs to be let out. I hope everyone enjoys the song. It is really one of my favorites." CROWBAR songs are unapologetic emotional outpourings, with a bare-knuckle resolve alongside its soul-searching vulnerability, reliably delivered with crushing heaviness. "Zero And Below", which cements the band's dense catalog as exactly one dozen studio albums deep, is the most unforgivably doomy CROWBAR record since the group's landmark 1998 effort "Odd Fellows Rest". "Zero And Below" track listing: 01. The Fear That Binds You 02. Her Evil Is Sacred 03. Confess To Nothing 04. Chemical Godz 05. Denial Of The Truth 06. Bleeding From Every Hole 07. It's Always Worth The Gain 08. Crush Negativity 09. Reanimating A Lie 10. Zero And Below A year and a half ago, Windstein told the "Does It Doom?" podcast that he was really happy with the band's then-just-completed new album. "It's really a killer record — I love it," he said. "It's got a lot of [guitar] harmonies and it's got a lot more doomy riffs. We only had one proper fast song — one of our more upbeat, hardcore-type, MOTÖRHEAD speed, I call it, type tunes; we've only got one like that. Out of all 10 tracks, besides that one tune, there's only maybe two other fast, what I would consider fast, songs on the whole record. So it's kind of a throwback but a modern, more mature touch on it." He continued: "We're all super, super happy with the way it came out. The production's amazing, again from Duane Simoneaux. The guitar tone's amazing. The songs themselves are great; I'm really happy. It's really one of the only CROWBAR records that I'm really happy with everything — every riff, I'm happy with the tones, with the production, with the lyrics, with the way I sang; the whole nine yards. So I'm really just loving it, to be honest — I really am." Earlier in 2020, Windstein told Full Metal Jackie's nationally syndicated radio show that he got "a lot of help" from guitarist Matt Brunson and bassist Shane Wesley during the songwriting process for CROWBAR's new album. CROWBAR's last LP, "The Serpent Only Lies", was released in 2016 via eOne. Windstein issued his debut solo album, "Dream In Motion", in January 2020.

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