Demon’s Souls

FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of the Dark Souls series and Elden Ring, has revealed which FromSoftware boss fight he’s proudest of making.

Speaking to PlayStation Blog, Miyazaki was asked which of his many bosses he’s proudest of.

Although Miyazaki had to choose from the boss fights of Sekiro, Bloodborne, Elden Ring and the Souls series, he still managed to pick a favourite.

“If we’re talking about a boss that I’m ‘most proud of’ (to use those specific words), it would probably be the Old Monk from Demon’s Souls,” revealed Miyazaki.

“The reason being is there was a lot of pushback against that design and what we were trying to do with it. But it was something I really, really wanted to do. I wanted to get that boss concept into the game, both from a visual design perspective and gameplay perspective, including the multiplayer element. From both the implementation and fun factor, we got a lot of pushback, and no one believed in it at the time. But in the end, we came through, and I think it turned into an intriguing boss that the fans appreciated.”

The Old Monk is a unique boss fight because if a player’s single-player session was invaded by another hostile player when they went to the boss fight, the hostile player would actually take over as the Old Monk. This meant that unlike standard fights, the Old Monk was often controlled by another player.

On this subject, Miyazaki added that Demon’s Souls brought many mechanics and features that were “difficult to design,” but thinks “the Old Monk encompasses those tribulations and how we pushed through and made something we were proud of.”

In other gaming news, Rockstar has confirmed that “active development” on Grand Theft Auto 6 is “well underway”.

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