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David Byrne has revealed that Jerry Seinfeld helped him out with a joke for the Broadway adaptation of his ‘American Utopia’ live show.

The show, based on Byrne’s 2018 solo album and subsequent live tour opened on stage in late 2019.

It’s set to return later this year for another Broadway run, and Byrne has shared how Seinfeld gave him a specific helping hand in crafting one part of the show.

Speaking on the Amy Schumer podcast, Byrne revealed how Seinfeld came to see the show and offered his advice on changing a joke in the show.

“One of the nights you guys came, you brought Jerry Seinfeld and we had some drinks after, and he said, ‘That one joke. You gotta fix it,'” Byrne recalled.

American Utopia
David Byrne’s American Utopia. Credit: Matthew Murphy

“This guy knows how this machine works. I’ve never met him before and he’s given me a note. But it turned out to be a good note.”Discussing the specifics of the joke in question, Byrne added: “Before I would say, ‘The firemen don’t want you to dance in the aisles, because the dancers in the aisles have an unfair advantage in the event of a fire.’

“And Jerry said, ‘Uh-huh. The joke is unfair advantage. Always put the joke at the end, ’cause otherwise you’re jumping on top of your own joke.’ You leave them on the funny line. So I did that and it worked.”

Reviewing the ‘American Utopia’ Broadway show, NME called the event “the best musical experience on the planet,” adding: “No American Utopia could ever be claimed where gun violence and institutional racism can cost lives of young black men on such a routine basis.

“In the surroundings of one of Broadway’s most wonderful theatres, these songs and messages are a sobering reality of what America is, and likely always will be.”

Last month, Byrne returned to Saturday Night Live for the first time in over 30 years with the cast of the Broadway show to play Talking Heads classic ‘Once In A Lifetime’.

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