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During a recent Twitter question segment, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has said its likely he won’t record any more new music.

Snider, 67, took to Twitter on Saturday July 9 to answer questions posed by fans. As Blabbermouth noted, one fan remarked they were “amazed” to see Snider’s peers Paul McCartney and legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy still performing well into their 80s. It was an observation to which Snider said: “God bless them all!

“I can only do what’s right for me. And for my retirement I’m writing screenplays, directing a movie, releasing my first fiction novel, producing two animated series, etc.”

Despite his alluding to more material across other creative mediums, Snider couldn’t commit to a concrete course when asked if his future plans include new music. “Never say never, but I don’t see me recording anymore,” Snider wrote, before repeating his previous statement: “Movies, books, tv, radio, etc.”

Today (July 11), Snider, an outspoken political activist, again took to Twitter, this time to share news of a forthcoming graphic novel in collaboration with Z2 Comics, He’s Not Going To Take It.

The premise of the novel (per Loudwire) plays out Snider’s involvement at the 1985 Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) senate hearing. At the hearing, Snider appeared to speak against the PMRC and social issues activist Tipper Gore, who were seeking to place explicit warning labels on music that pertained to even the mildest of content. The event will be retold by writer Frank Marraffino and illustrated by Steve Kurth, with cover art provided by Erik Rodriguez and Josh Bernstein.

Since 2000, Snider has released five solo studio albums, two of which, ‘For The Love Of Metal’ and ‘Leave A Scar’, were released in the last four years, 2018 and 2021 respectively.

In 2015, Twisted Sister – whose last original studio album was 1987’s ‘Love Is For Suckers’ – announced their decision to formally disband following the 2016 conclusion of their ‘Forty and Fuck It’ tour celebrating their 40th anniversary.

The decision came after the ‘We’re Not Going To Take It’ band lost their drummer, AJ Pero, that same year. A member of Twisted Sister since 1982, Pero suffered a fatal heart attack, aged 55, having suffered from “advanced heart disease”.

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