Florida death metal veterans DEICIDE kicked off their U.S. tour with KATAKLYSM, INTERNAL BLEEDING and BEGAT THE NEPHILIM last night (Thursday, August 5) at The Orpheum in in Tampa, Florida. Fan-filmed video footage of DEICIDE's performance can be seen below. The trek will make stops in Austin, Chicago, and New York before concluding on August 29 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Two months ago, DEICIDE guitarist Chris Cannella spoke to Jason Saulnier about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the follow-up to the band's 2018 album "Overtures Of Blasphemy". He said: "Since I moved out [to Florida from Arizona] a year ago, we were writing a lot of music, and then we kind of started over when I got out here and I was able to rehearse all the time rather than just meeting up when I was commuting for work. [Editor's note: Cannella works as a product manager for Dean Guitars.] So we've been really focusing and writing just really — in my opinion — some amazing stuff. And when we do record it, you will definitely hear a different vibe with the band, because the camaraderie is so strong. I mean, the four of us in a room, we just have a great time. We love being around each other, [and] we like writing music together. You're gonna hear a lot of that. It's just a really strong, aggressive… A lot of guitar work, a lot of cool drumming. Glen's [Benton, bass/vocals] stuff that he is working on — it's great. It's exciting. I couldn't be happier." In 2019, DEICIDE parted ways with guitarist Mark English and replaced him with Cannella. English joined DEICIDE in 2016 following the departure of longtime guitarist Jack Owen. In a 2018 interview with Revolver, Benton stated about "Overtures Of Blasphemy"'s slightly more diverse musical direction: "You know what works best for me? Whenever I develop this soured-ass I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude — whenever that's intensified for whatever reason — I just have a tendency to come up with my best stuff. Say you're at a casino and you've spent your whole night losing. You're like, What the fuck? So you put in your last quarter in the machine and you win all your money back and then some. That kind of fluke is, in a way, why this worked out. I kind of look at it like, "Hey, what the hell do we have to lose anymore? We know it's not going to go anywhere. So let's just do it for us and focus on what we like. Let's take the music we grew up on and just have fun with it."

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