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Denzel Curry has criticised Drake and Kanye West for the “subpar albums” he said the two artists have released of late.

The Florida MC was speaking to Spin about his latest full-length record ‘MELT MY EYEZ SEE YOUR FUTURE’ when he offered his thoughts on the recent works of the rap giants.

“I was looking forward to Drake’s [new] album [‘Honestly, Nevermind’], ’cause Drake always got something,” Curry said. “But then, when you get them albums, you’re like, ‘What the fuck are you doing?'”

According to Spin, Curry cited Drake’s previous LPs ‘Take Care’ (2011) and ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late’ (2015) as examples of the quality he expected from the Canadian star.

He then singled out Ye, saying: “We don’t even really need to talk about Kanye West, it’s Kanye West.

“But for them to go out, and go against each other and make that subpar work with the resources they have. These are the same producers it’s hard for me to reach out to because they don’t see the return.”

Curry continued: “You’ve got all these resources, and y’all made subpar albums. I had limited resources, and I made a great one. That shouldn’t happen.”

During a separate interview published last month Curry claimed that he was “the best rapper alive”.

“Just look out for me,” he said. “Look out for any of the next projects that’s ’bout to come out. I’m ’bout to shake the whole game up. I don’t care what anybody got to say, bro. I’m the best rapper alive. Point blank, period.”

In a five-star review NME described Curry’s ‘MELT MY EYEZ…’ as “the rapper’s most experimental work since his 2018 breakthrough double album ‘TA13OO'” that “transports you back to the genre’s golden years”.

NME gave both ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ and Ye’s ‘DONDA’ three stars while describing this year’s ‘DONDA 2’ as a collection of “largely weak and boring tracks”.

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