Derry Girls

Derry Girls is set to air a flashback episode focusing on Mary and Aunt Sarah.

For the penultimate episode of season three, the characters, played by Tara Lynne O’Neill and Kathy Kiera Clarke ,will be given a backstory to their school days.

Creator and writer Lisa McGee told Digital Spy that the fifth episode would follow the titular Derry Girls’ parents and look at the “horrific” times they endured in the ’70s.

“Writing this show, honestly – and this might sound a bit sentimental – it’s been a real learning experience for me as a person, not just a writer,” McGee said. “I don’t talk about a lot of the terrible things.

Derry Girls finale
‘Derry Girls’ will have a final farewell in ‘The Agreement’ CREDIT: Channel 4

“In Northern Ireland, you handle it with humour and you just crack on. I think for the parents’ generation, it was a war zone. It was horrific what they went through, and we just didn’t appreciate it.”

She continued: “By writing the show and looking back, I realised why they were so strict, why the school was so strict, what they had seen, what they lived through, and I have such an appreciation and respect.

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