Bungie has pulled Telesto from Destiny 2 PVP again, this time because of a mod combination that granted infinite orbs of power.

Destiny 2 has always had a rough time with Telesto. The fusion rifle fires a burst of projectiles that detonate on contact with players, but will hang around on the environment as proximity charges. As such, the weapon’s utility can be exploited with mods and other buffs to achieve silly levels of power. However, Bungie recently got things balanced enough that they felt confident reintroducing the weapon to the game’s PVP. This did not last.

The latest season of Destiny 2 added a new mod called Thermoclastic Blooming that can be found in the Wayfinder’s Compass artifact. The mod creates orbs of power whenever an enemy is defeated via a solar or stasis melee attack, including Telesto’s projectiles, despite Telesto being a ranged void weapon.

Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie

This combination allowed players to build their supers rapidly, which can be a devastatingly powerful option for PVP activities and can grant a large advantage to any team using them. As such, Bungie has disabled the mod completely, and it can no longer be acquired from the seasonal artifact, with Bungie tweeting, “Due to an issue, we have disabled the Telesto Exotic fusion rifle in all Crucible and Gambit activities and the Thermoclastic Blooming Artifact mod in all activities.”

A tweet from community manager Cosmo made light of the situation, referencing Telesto’s troubled past.

Recently, Bungie had to disable an exotic for the Titan class that allowed the thrown hammer to deal a huge amount of damage that could one-shot bosses.

Another exotic also had to be disabled for Hunter’s in PVP because it granted super energy too easily. The Radiant Dance Machines are sets of leg armour that allow Hunters to use their dodge more frequently when near enemies. This ability, stacked with other buffs, could lead to an extremely overpowered cycle of power gain.

Elsewhere, Satisfactory update 5 will include improvements to how automated vehicles behave and buffs to the truck station structure.

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