Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie.

Lance Reddick’s final Destiny 2 voice lines have now been added to the game.

After the death of Destiny 2 voice actor Lance Reddick, it looks as though his final voice lines have now been added to the game by developers at Bungie.

According to Destiny 2 developer Robert Brookes, he overheard those lines while playing the game just a couple of days ago.

“Sobering moment listening to the final radio conversation in the HELM today,” he said on Twitter. “Pretty sure these were the last lines I ever recorded with Lance.”

“It couldn’t be a more fitting tone about acceptance and growth,” he added. “Really nice stuff.”

Reddick took on the role of Commander Zavala with the launch of the original Destiny back in 2014 and has voiced the stoic Titan ever since.

Now, his last voice lines can be heard during a radio conversation in the HELM or Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvres – a Vanguard operations outpost which can be found on the map near The Traveller.

As for whether this is the last time we’ll hear Reddick in the game, that’s a little more unclear.

Brooke said that this message may be both the last voice line recorded in the studio with Reddick as well as the last line of his to appear in the game. However, he just doesn’t know for sure.

“Possibly both? Unsure,” he explained. “But I’m pretty sure the session we recorded this radio was the last one with Lance. That said we don’t record content in chronological order, so there may still be something? But what I said is what I said, it was the last lines I ever recorded with Lance.”

In other news, it’s been revealed that a DayZ sequel is in the works thanks to new details that emerged during the Microsoft FTC court hearing.

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