Bungie has used its latest Destiny 2 blog post to detail the changes coming to reputation rewards systems, starting in season 15.

Season 15 of Destiny 2 is six weeks away, and details are emerging about some of the changes that players can expect. Primarily, changes to the reputation for Crucible and Gambit introduced last season will also be moving to the Vanguard playlist.

In the weekly blog post, This Week At Bungie (TWAB), Destiny 2 rituals lead Alan Blaine has discussed some of the changes that have been worked on to unify the reputation systems used in ritual activities.

Ritual activities have received a lot of work over Destiny 2’s history and are used to encourage players to return weekly to pursue long-term goals.

The current systems allow players to earn points towards ranks by playing in certain modes. These ranks would earn players items such as weapons and cosmetics as they ranked up. Players could achieve the best rewards by finishing the rank tiers and resetting back to the start.

Changes include removing the win streak system, which should put players at a more even progression rate, with those who earn more wins progressing slightly faster.

All three of the reputation tracks should progress at similar rates now. Overall, resets should be faster in all playlists when compared to the current season.

The names Infamy and Valor, used in Gambit and Crucible, respectively, will be retired. However, Glory will continue to be used for the Crucible’s competitive playlist.

Bounties are also being changed and will no longer grant reputation progress. Instead, they will grant seasonal XP.

With Vanguard being added to the new progression system, tokens previously used for progress will be retired and should be turned in before the season ends.

Destiny 2‘s next expansion The Witch Queen is expected to bring the arrival of arch-enemy Savathûn and will be revealed in a showcase next month.


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