Of all the items we expected to tick off our 2022 bingo sheet, dirty norris-worshipping children’s entertainers Dick and Dom swearing like sailors and brandishing bottles of beer at the Bandlab NME Awards 2022 was surely bottom of the list. Chaos tends to rule here at our annual bash, however – which is probably why part of tonight’s ceremony dissolved into a good old fashioned game of bogeys.

“Bogeys!” yelled the crowd, as Dick and Dom took to the stage to present Foals with their award for Best Music Video. At first, the duo played coy. “That was 20 years ago…” they told the room at first, ramping up the anticipation. And then, suddenly, like an electric shock bolting straight to the gut, the first cry rang out. “BOGEYS!!!!!!”

From here, it was sheer, unbridled chaos. As Foals gently ambled their way to the podium, Dick and Dom treated it like their own personal photo studio, taking selfies and enthusiastically head-banging to their hearts’ content. Shattering the illusions of thousands of millennials who grew up watching the duo wreaking creamy muck muck mayhem with nairy a curse-word in sight, the boys even said the f-word! Can you imagine!

Backstage, meanwhile, Dick and Dom were spied fan-girling over their new best mates Foals later on, before sharing a cheeky ciggie together in the cool night air outside the stage door. If there’s any justice in the world, a collab will follow.

Boy George had a big one too

And to be honest, we’d expect nothing less from the very terrors who once scared Rachel Stevens so much that she grabbed her possessions and quite literally fled the bungalow. Bogeys!

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