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Does Nightingale run on Steam Deck? It’s a good question: since its initial launch, the Steam Deck has seen huge success, with many owners citing how they love playing cozy games, survival games, and grindy games on it in a more relaxed environment.  With Nightingale finally here, you may be wondering if this unique survival-crafting game from Inflexion is compatible with the handheld.

The game has had a long road to release after being delayed several times. However, it is finally being released in early access on PC next week.

As of launch, Nightingale is not Steam Deck compatible, with Inflexion stating in the game’s FAQ that they are only targeting PCs at the moment. However, as with all titles, the game could still run on a Steam Deck at launch, it just might not be “Steam Deck Verified”.

This means that Valve hasn’t checked that it runs without any issues and therefore hasn’t passed all of its tests and checks as a part of its verification process, but it can be played on the handheld.

Undoubtedly, in the first week of launch, we will get a good number of reports from players on the Nightingale Reddit, detailing how the game runs on the handheld. This should give us a better idea of whether or not the game is playable on the system or if there are more serious issues that might cause problems. At that point we will update this article with additional information about the game’s performance.

If you are keen to get a better idea of the game, then check out this previous trailer showcasing Nightingale‘s monsters, and details about the Nightingale third-person mode.

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