Psychonauts 2 update

Double Fine and 2 Player Productions have released a 22-hour documentary series that charts the making of Psychonauts 2.

Titled Double Fine PsychOdyssey, the 32-part series follows Double Fine as it works on platform-adventure game Psychonauts 2, which was released in 2021. The series is a follow-up to Double Fine Adventure, which documented the creation of Broken Age.

“Ten years after the release of their flagship video game Psychonauts, Double Fine Productions returns to its most celebrated franchise with Psychonauts 2,” reads the documentary’s description. “Now facing the pressure to produce a worthy sequel, the studio must confront overly ambitious designs, poor morale, technical challenges and financial woes, all during a turbulent span of time for the world.”

In a trailer published for the documentary, Double Fine founder Tim Schafer is seen preparing for the game’s development with employees. Later, it shows the studio trying to navigate setbacks and the COVID-19 pandemic while development continues.

“Congratulations to 2 Player Productions on the release of their epic documentary today,” tweeted Schafer. “Thanks to everybody who allowed themselves to be filmed through all the ups and downs of making Psychonauts 2. I hope everybody out there enjoys watching it as much as I did!”

Psychonauts 2 went on to be Double Fine’s best-selling game and was met with critical success, receiving five stars in our own review of the game.

In December, Schafer sat down with NME to discuss his career, Double Fine, and the creation of Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 was such a long haul,” recalled Schafer. “So many things went wrong, just like the first game – we lost our publisher at one point. It was such a roller coaster, and at certain points, it really didn’t feel like it was going to be good.”

In other gaming news, Total War: Warhammer 3 is getting a surprise update this week.

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