Elden Ring

A game developer has made an Elden Ring-inspired Beat Saber clone inside of Dreams.

An artist working for Media Molecule, Martin Nebelong, shared his incredible creation on Twitter today (August 16) with a two-minute video showcasing the Elden Ring rhythm game.

Made in Dreams on a PS5, the video shows Nebelong using a recreated version of the Moonlight Greatsword from the FromSoftware title in an Elden Ring environment. Similar to in Beat Saber, when the music kicks in, the player uses the sword to hit some sort of magical hitbox in order to execute the sounds. There’s also a timer in the top corner for a bigger challenge. It seems to work fairly well.

Nebelong created this in response to his Elden Ring first-person experience he shared on Twitter a few days earlier (August 14). In this video, the player can be seen walking around the same environment, carrying a sword and shield. After passing through an archway, the player steps out to view a vista of The Lands Between.

Another timelapse video shared today also shows how exactly Nebelong created the Moonlight Greatsword in Dreams, using the game’s creative assets to get the shape and texture. It looks like a perfect replication of the sword obtainable in Elden Ring.

The artist has also previously recreated the Unreal Engine 5 train station that went viral in the gaming community back in May. Nebelong perfectly captured the spooky tech demo which was actually inspired by the real train station, Etchū-Daimon, located in Toyama, Japan.

In other news, the 2003 classic PS2 game The Simpsons: Hit & Run has been reimagined as the cartoon series Futurama using a mod. The team behind the project say it’s a total conversion mod for The Simpsons: Hit & Run” which aims to replicate the gameplay of Hit & Run in Futurama‘s world.

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