Dune: Spice Wars

Shiro Games has revealed details on House Harkonnen, a faction in Dune: Spice Wars that’s all about achieving its goals at any cost.

In a blog published on Friday (February 11), Shiro Games has detailed the units and playstyle available to House Harkonnen players in Dune: Spice Wars.

“A house with a reputation for ambition, brutality, and malevolence,” House Harkonnen will revolve around using “underhanded tactics” and outright violence to get what it wants.

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen will lead the house, however five councillors – Glossu Rabban, Pieter de Vries, Feyd Rautha and Captain Nefud – will help advise the Baron and apply their own specialties to the House’s agenda on Arrakis.

As to how House Harkonnen will play, the blog outlines that “a key strength of the Harkonnens is their formidable force on the battlefield and their lack of hesitation to employ any and all underhanded tactics at their disposal to achieve their goals.”

Dune: Spice Wars
Dune: Spice Wars. Credit: Shiro Games.

“Whether it’s shady politics, assassination, or cutting-edge spying, they know how to implement and execute long-term plans to win wars without having to start them. However, their military forces can not be downplayed, as the indoctrination that their soldiers undergo transform them into veritable mindless and fanatical war machines,” Shiro Games added.

House Harkonnen’s military force is made up of “expendable and fanatical soldiers” that – when stealth is not an option – are far more brutal than rival forces. This includes Troopers who can enter a berserk rage when they take damage, Vanguards who specialise in assassination, Gunners who incur friendly fire losses with explosive weapons, elite House Guards, and disposable Stealth Probes.

Back in January, Shiro Games also revealed House Atreides – the famous rival of House Harkonnen in the Dune series. The studio also detailed how its real time strategy (RTS) and 4x format would work.

In other gaming news, Dying Light 2 has received its first bit of downloadable content in the form of some free Peacekeeper-themed armour.

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