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Eddie Van Halen guitars up for auction

Eddie Van Halen’s cause of death has been confirmed, two months after the rock icon died.

The musician died on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65, following a long battle with cancer.

Van Halen’s death certificate, which has been obtained by TMZ, cited his immediate cause of death as a cerebrovascular accident, or a stroke. He also had several underlying causes, including pneumonia, the bone marrow disorder myelodysplastic syndrome and lung cancer.

The certificate also listed a number of “other significant conditions”, including skin cancer on his head and neck and an irregular heart rate.

Van Halen’s body was cremated 22 days after his death and his ashes have been given to his son Wolfgang.

Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen in 1978 CREDIT: Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images

In a recent interview, Wolfgang revealed that his dad had been told he had six weeks to live in 2017 when he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. After receiving the diagnosis, he went to Germany for treatment.

“Whatever the fuck they do over there, it’s amazing, because I got three more years with him,” Wolfgang said.

When Van Halen’s death was confirmed in October, stars from across the world of rock paid tribute to the musician. At this year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, he was honoured by Slash, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello.

“Eddie Van Halen was the Mozart of our generation,” Morello said during the moving tribute. “He had the kind of talent that maybe comes around once a century.”

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