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Elden Ring community legend and speedrunner, Let Me Solo Her, is now an early game spirit summon thanks to a brand new mod.

Last week (April 12), a Reddit post went viral after a player explained how they used Elden Ring‘s in-game player summon system to help kill late game boss Malenia after failing 20 to 30 times. According to the player, a man wearing nothing but a pot on his head and underwear, holding two katanas and named Let Me Solo Her, aided them and was “flawless” in their attempt at killing the boss.

Following the viral post, which resulted in a ton of online fan art of the player, a mod has now been created that allows players to summon Let Me Solo Her (via Polygon).

The mod, which was created by prolific Soulsborne modder Garden of Eyes, brings forth the “legendary ‘Let Me Solo Her guy'”, who is featured wearing the iconic pot on their head and underwear. Players can even summon the spirit of the Elden Ring legend any time they want.

Garden of Eyes also released a new YouTube video showcasing the mod in action. The modder explained in the description that the mod swaps out the Lone Wolf Ashes summon – one of the first players can obtain in the game.

The footage also shows that the spirit summon deals a significant amount of damage to the bosses featured in the video, including Malenia, Blade of Miquella and Mohg, Lord of Blood, just like how Let Me Solo Her performs in their speedruns.

Players interested in having the aid of the Elden Ring legend can head over to Garden of Eyes’ Patreon to download the mod.

In other news, following a series of delays since 2018, the release date for Digimon Survive has reportedly been revealed.

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