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Elon Musk

Elon Musk has predicted that people will one day be able to stream music directly through a chip that is implanted into the brain.

A chip with these kind of capabilities is reportedly being developed by Neuralink, a tech startup co-founded by Musk in 2016 who are working on “developing computer-brain interfaces for the explicit purpose of helping humans keep pace with advanced artificial intelligence”, according to TechCrunch.

“We have built arrays of small and flexible electrode ‘threads’, with as many as 3,072 electrodes per array distributed across 96 threads,” Neuralink’s 2019 white paper explains about “their integrated brain-machine interface platform with thousands of channels”.

“We have also built a neurosurgical robot capable of inserting six threads (192 electrodes) per minute. Each thread can be individually inserted into the brain with micron precision for avoidance of surface vasculature and targeting specific brain regions.”

Twitter user and computer scientist Austin Howard asked Musk on Sunday (July 19) if the potentially successful implementation of Neuralink’s invention would eventually allow people to listen to music directly from the chip. Musk succinctly replied: “Yes.”

Musk has previously promised that more updates about Neuralink’s work will be announced on August 28. You can find out more about Neuralink by watching their July 2019 launch presentation here.

Last week, Musk was among the notable names whose Twitter accounts were hacked in what appeared to be a massive cryptocurrency scam.

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