Yorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone

Emma Stone is set to team up with Poor Things director Yorgos Lanthimos again on the upcoming film Bugonia.

Stone and Lanthimos are currently in Cannes to attend the premiere of another new collaboration, Kinds of Kindness, where they have announced their next project.

Bugonia will be the pair’s fifth combination, following on from The Favourite, the short film Bleat, Poor Things and Kinds of Kindness. It is set to co-star Jesse Plemons, who also appears in Kinds of Kindness, which gets a UK release on June 28.

Bugonia will be based on a 2003 sci-fi film from South Korea named Save The Green Planet!, and it will tell the story of a group of conspiracy theorists who kidnap a CEO that they believe is trying to destroy the Earth.

Earlier this year, Stone picked up her second Oscar for Poor Things, following on from her success for La La Land in 2017.

Promoting the film, Stone went out of her way to respond to those who suggested that it was sexist and exploitative. In the film, she plays Bella Baxter, a dead woman brought back to life by a mad scientist in Victorian London after having the brain of an unborn baby put in her head, before going on a journey of sexual discovery.

“If it helps, as the person who played it and produced it, I didn’t see her as a child in any of those scenes,” she said. “I know people who’ve seen the film and think it’s just the sweetest romantic comedy, and others who had to watch it through their fingers. And that’s great.”

In a four-star review of Poor Things, NME wrote that Stone gave “a physically dexterous, linguistically astute turn, it’s a high-wire act that she pulls off with such panache, you’d think she was born like Bella.”

“While its oddball nature won’t be to all tastes, the championing of female guile over insufferable male idiocy will surely leave many with a big smile on their faces,” it concluded.

In other Emma Stone news, she has been credited for contributing “oddities” to ‘Florida!!!’, a track from Taylor Swift’s ‘The Tortured Poets Department’, although the nature of the oddities remains a mystery.

Stone and Swift are long-time friends, with the actress having gone to at least three shows on the ‘Eras’ tour. She also cracked a joke about the pop icon at the Golden Globeslater regretting it after it was taken out of context.

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