The new Escape from Tarkov trailer has shown off what’s coming in the 0.12.12 update, including the new Lighthouse map, plenty of extra gear, and more.

Battlestate Games has been teasing the next update for Escape from Tarkov, and has finally shown it in action in a trailer for the patch today. The biggest new addition with the update is a new map, Lighthouse. It looks to be quite an open map, similar to what we have seen in the Shoreline and Woods, but seems to feature some sort of military base. Towards the end of the trailer a functioning train was shown, something we’ve seen in the Reserve map before. The scale of Lighthouse seems significant, as it manages to borrow elements from several other maps without feeling cramped.

Another part of the trailer shows that the road to the lighthouse itself seems to be covered by a sniper. In September, Battlestate Games spoke about what we can expect to see in the update, including an in-raid trader that might be difficult to get to. The studio previously explained that a sniper would be guarding the NPC, so the merchant’s goods will need to be top-notch to justify making the dangerous trek.

Part of the Escape from Tarkov 12.12 patch will be the inertia rework, an overhaul to the movement. One part of the trailer shows a player sliding a short distance, suggesting that lighter players will have more ways to move around. In terms of gear, new additions include a rangefinder, which will help in long-range firefights. On top of that, there are a range of new shotguns and rifles, and the game will add impact grenades in patch 12.12.

Players have speculated that the game will update on either December 12, which would make the release date 12.12 to match the update, or December 22, as suggested by one player on Reddit. Battlestate Games has said that players “already know” the release date of the Escape from Tarkov update, but we’ll likely find out soon enough.

In other news, Masahiro Sakurai has said there are “no plans” for a sequel to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently.

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