Escape from Tarkov Arena

Battlestate Games has revealed Escape From Tarkov Arena, a new standalone first-person shooter game coming to PC.

The developer shared the announcement teaser trailer last night (June 3), and confirmed Escape From Tarkov Arena will be a spin-off of Escape From Tarkov and feature “all the known and beloved hardcore game mechanics” from the popular title.

As the video description explains, in this multiplayer FPS, players will take part in gladiatorial battles in various arenas located in the city of Tarkov, which have been organized by a mysterious group of Arena Masters led by the Host. You  can check out the teaser trailer below where the developer has showcased the first-person action, a variety of locations, and more:

Escape From Tarkov Arena will also feature various PvP and PvE game modes, ratings, unlockable weapons and gear, and more unique features for owners of the main game. These include the ability for players to play as their own main profile character.

Battlestate also mentioned that for any owners of the Edge of Darkness pack, Arena will be available for free as downloadable content (DLC). Meanwhile, for all other versions of Escape From Tarkov, the Arena will be paid but players can purchase the standalone game separately without buying the main game.

At this time, it’s unconfirmed when the FPS will be launching, but the developer has confirmed that closed testing is set to start later this year in autumn 2022.

Elsewhere, Battlestate recently released the latest Escape From Tarkov event that now features two bosses Killa and Tagilla roaming the Lighthouse together as a pair.

In other news, Sony held its June State Of Play on June 2 which saw several new game announcements including Resident Evil 4 Remake, as well as brand new trailers for previously revealed titles, such as Final Fantasy 16.

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