The latest event in Escape From Tarkov has sent Customs boss Reshala to Shoreline’s Resort, making a dangerous spot on the map even harder to survive.

Battlestate Games has added another game-changing event to Escape From Tarkov, this time with a move that will shake up the routine for anyone looking to loot Resort, the high-value building at the centre of Shoreline.

The ongoing event means that any players who visit Resort will see Reshala, the Scav boss typically restricted to roaming the Customs map. Furthermore, players are reporting that the event is causing Reshala and his bodyguards to spawn with fellow Scav boss Sanitar, causing a significant challenge for anyone planning to loot the locked rooms of Resort.

While the event was announced in Russian on Friday (August 27), Twitter user Bakeezy has translated the announcement into English:

“Kolyan, don’t show your face at the resort, Reshala and his boys went there to discuss some business, not worth risking it. If you wanna buy drugs from Sanitar it is better to wait. Craywish and beer later this evening.”

For players who aren’t looking for a challenge, avoid Resort whenever playing on Shoreline. With this event, the double Scav boss presence – combined with the potential for other players to appear – makes Resort one of the most dangerous places in Escape From Tarkov right now.

On the other hand, this event makes Resort a prime location for anyone looking to complete Jaeger’s Huntsman tasks, as it’s the only time that Reshala and Sanitar will be guaranteed to spawn in one place.

As previous events – like last month’s deadly heatwave  – have only lasted for a couple of days at a time, this increased hostility on Shoreline is likely to wrap up early next week (August 30).

In other news, Nintendo Switch exclusive Bravely Default 2 is coming to Steam next week.

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