Battlestate Games announced that players’ progress in Escape From Tarkov: Arena, the standalone spin-off, will be shared in the main game to gain levels, skills and weapon mastering.

This also works the other way around, should players prefer the newer version of Escape From Tarkov‘s challenging combat simulation. Escape From Tarkov: Arena will feature five game modes at the moment: Duel, Last Hero, Overrun, Shootout and Teamfight.

Players will be able to step into roles like Sniper, Scout, CQB and Assault with presets for equipment to get straight into the action as soon as possible. “EFT: Arena perfectly combines the hardcore mechanics of Escape from Tarkov and fast-paced gameplay of session matches,” explained Battlestate Games.

The premise is that Arena pits the players against each other in gladiator fights arranged by the “mysterious Masters” and orchestrated by “the Host”. Details on these characters are scarce, however the studio has shared what maps will be available in the final release.

‘Escape From Tarkov’ Credit: Battlestate Games

These are Air Pit, Bay5, Equator, Sawmill, The Bowl, The Box and Resort. As they are all new additions, there will be no advantages between veteran and new Escape From Tarkov players who will be dipping into the spin-off.

Again, this issue is circumnavigated in the new roles too, as established players would have access to a much more advantageous arsenal than the newbies. Additionally, it’s possible that more roles are in the works to reinvent the meta as players get to grips with the game.

Battlestate Games has not disclosed a release date yet, but the latest deluge of information seems to suggest that the team is readying up for a reveal of some sort.

In other gaming news, Creative Assembly‘s Hyenas will aim to “invert” everything that players know about the biggest first-person shooters of today.

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