Taylor Swift

An ESPN host has defended Taylor Swift from the accusation that she is a “distraction” to the Kansas City Chiefs .

The American football team have lost three out of their last four contests, which included a 20-14 loss on Christmas Day (December 25) to the Las Vegas Raiders.

After the defeat last week, Fox sports personality Skip Bayless tweeted that it was “about time to call Taylor Swift a distraction”. The pop star cheered on boyfriend and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce from the stands at the Arrowhead Stadium in Missouri.

However, ESPN’s Elle Duncan defended the pop sensation from the claims on her podcast. “Do not blame Taylor Swift for being a ‘distraction’, for Travis Kelce not playing well, for the Chiefs playing good,” she said on the The Elle Duncan Show (via Deadline). ‘No, it is not her fault.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift looks on during a game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium on December 25, 2023 in Kansas City, Missouri (CREDIT: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

She went on: “I am so tired of us doing this. And we do this to women. It’s Jessica Simpson’s fault Tony Romo spit the bit. Remember Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin for a hot second? It’s her fault. It’s always the woman’s fault for ‘distracting’. Nobody’s asking if Travis Kelce is distracting her from a world tour…No one’s saying that. And I don’t like that.”

The sports host added that she didn’t like that the conversation had been turned on to Swift. “I don’t like that all of sudden that this has become, ‘This is too much; let’s turn it on Taylor. He’s distracted’, like he can’t carry on a personal life and also a professional life. Get out of here. He’s Travis Kelce; stop. She’s not to blame. So please stop. Full stop on that narrative. Not okay. Stop.”

Her comments came after Kelce spoke out about Swift being booed while attending a recent game. “There might have been a few Brads and Chads that were booing. But for the most part, everyone was fucking screaming their tail off for her,” he said on his New Heights podcast.

Back in October, the NFL defended its coverage as Kelce said they were “overdoing it a bit”.

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