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Fall Guys

In the latest Skyrim crossover, a modder for the game has made it possible for characters from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to accompany the player’s adventure.

The latest follower mod has been created by user m150 on the Nexus Mods website. The new mod is available exclusively to Skyrim: Special Edition and allows up to ten of the colourful companions to follow players across the land. In order for the mod to be compatible, players will be required to own the Dragonborn expansion and then visit Whitewatch Tower to acquire the group.

Each follower can also be equipped with an assortment of cosmetic items including a guard helmet, a bright pink Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout stick that can be used as a weapon, and even a sweet roll hat, based on a long-running Skyrim joke.

The user has released footage of the mod in action, showcasing the character being followed by the popular Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout characters as they march across the land of Skyrim causing chaos.

See the mod in action below:

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has grown in popularity massively over the past few weeks since its release on PC and PS4, which saw the title release on the console as a free PlayStation Plus title.

A new report has also surfaced which has seemingly revealed that the game will be coming to mobile devices in China. It’s reported that Chinese games and entertainment company Bilibili has secured the rights to publish the game.

NME recently reviewed Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and described the title as “a manic 60-player variety game show” that’s a “hilarious, non-violent battle royale alternative.”

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