Fallout: London

Fan-made mod Fallout: London is getting pushed back, thanks to the latest release date for Starfield.

The long-awaited mod has been generating a lot of buzz within the Fallout 4 community, due to its size and scale.

Now, developers have confirmed that its release is being pushed back to later this year.

“We’re not providing a specific date, but I can openly say that it will be in the fourth quarter of the year,” said project lead Dean Carter in a new video update (via PCGamesN).

“You might be wondering ‘why so late?’ Well, initially we had hoped for it to be in the third quarter, as in the one that’s coming up. However, a certain space game got delayed and is now scheduled to come out around the same time that we had planned. So, as a result, we’re making our release for the last quarter.”

Fallout: London Screenshot Big Ben
Fallout: London. Credit: Fallout London Team

As for the mod itself, Fallout: London adds an entirely new, and decidedly British, setting to Fallout 4.

There are mutant badgers, palace guard uniforms, and even working trains that can be boarded. However, it looks as though we’ll have to wait a little longer before we can play it.

“This not only gives you all more time to play Starfield, but also allows us more time for playtesting and bug fixing, so it’s a win-win situation, right?” added Carter. “We just appreciate your patience. So, expect us around then.”

It’s pretty impressive, and as a DLC-sized conversion, it’s been getting a lot of attention — especially for its previous addition of a ghoulish Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, which developers have since decided to remove.

Fallout: London. Credit: FOLON

Fallout: London is expected to launch around October to December 2023.

“Lucky for you, is the fact that we don’t have any shareholders breathing down our necks, to force us to release things when they’re not ready,” said Carter. “Our vow to you is that we’ll not release something rushed or broken. So, if for whatever reason the stars and planets don’t align, I’ll be the first to send out the yellow notification, lay on the fur carpet, and say ‘I’m sorry.’ But things are all good for the end of the year so far.”

Last year, Carter spoke to NME about the challenges of capturing British culture within the world of Fallout.

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