Fallout New Vegas, Armed To The Teeth - Redux

Armed To The Teeth – Redux is a mod for Fallout New Vegas that lets players wear the weapons they’re hauling about, adding a bit more immersion for anyone who can’t help but wander the Mojave with more than one big iron.

Version 2.0 for Armed To The Teeth has been released today (January 17), following an original release by creator Quicksilver 500 earlier in the month.

With 34,292 views and 8,392 downloads via Nexus Mods at time of writing, Armed To The Teeth is proving to be a popular mod for Fallout New Vegas fans who want to customise their character with the weapons they’re hauling.

As explained on the mod page, Armed To The Teeth “allows you to holster up to four weapons on your body at once” and lets players customise where those four weapons are holstered, with four body locations available. As displayed on the mod’s page, two holster spots are available on the back, with the remaining two positioned on the left and right hip respectively.

Fallout New Vegas, Armed To The Teeth - Redux
Armed To The Teeth – Redux, Fallout New Vegas. Credit: Obsidian Entertainment, Quicksilver500.

“No compatibility patches needed. No more rigged weapon meshes. No biped slots used. Out of the box compatibility with all weapons. Any weapon, in any of four locations on the player character, with an integrated visible holster system,” says the Nexus Mods page for on what Armed To The Teeth brings to to the table.

A full list of features – and instructions on how to install the mod – can be found on the Armed To The Teeth – Redux page, as well as information on what mods it’s compatible with.

In other news, Sony has renewed a trademark for the logo of classic game developer Psygnosis, despite it not being used since 2000. Psygnosis was rebranded as SCE Studio Liverpool after it was acquired by Sony.

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