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An unofficial fan-made sequel to the Mother series titled Mother 4, has shown off gameplay in keeping with the franchise in a reveal trailer.

Sharing very similar art, narrative, musical and battle styles to the original games, the team have created everything from the ground up, borrowing none of the game’s original code. The trailer released this week (November 28) and starts by stating that Mother 4’s developers “have no relation to Nintendo, HAL labs, Shigesato Itoi, or any affiliated parties.”

While Nintendo has a history of taking down unofficial content relating to their games, the team described themselves as “not concerned at all.” In the frequently asked question section of its website, it claims that “Nintendo only seems to go after remakes of existing games, or controversial fan games”. This is one of the reasons why it retained the Mother name for its release without worrying about being shut down.

Mother 4 will retain the sound battles and rhythm combos of the series with a whole new selection of battle music to match combos to. It will also allow players to skip this feature as with the final official release in the franchise Mother 3.

The game will also bring back rolling hit points, a mechanic unique to the Mother series where it is possible to counteract a fatal blow by healing before your health reaches zero. The team also state it will bring “many, many” new battle and overworld mechanics to the game, but that players will have to wait for specifics.

While it has retained the franchise name, it also confirms that no characters or enemies from the original IPs will be used. Instead, the game features an original character, Aaron, as the new protagonist. Mother 4 is planned for a PC release with controller support.

In other news, CyberPunk 2077 will receive a major update in the first quarter of 2022 when CD Projekt also releases the game for the current generation of consoles.

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