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Rev your engines: it’s the beginning of the end for The Fast & Furious. Fast X, the most epic instalment in the blockbuster franchise, reunites familiar faces – and introduces new ones too. Here’s the lowdown on who’s who in one of the biggest movies of the year:

Dom Toretto

Played by: Vin Diesel, the iconic star of Pitch Black, xXx and the F&F franchise
Who? The racer who started it all

Dom faces his biggest challenge yet, when his family is threatened by a figure from the past. Needing to protect his son, he is forced to reckon with the consequences of his actions.

Diesel says: “This saga has a close. It will honour the people that have grown up, raised their children and supported and lived with us for a quarter of a century.”

Dante Reyes

Played by: Jason Momoa, the mighty lead of Aquaman
Who? Fast X’s vengeful villain

Dante Reyes is the son to Fast Five’s downed drug kingpin Hernan Reyes, and is out to take everything away from Dom, including his 8-year-old son. He’ll stop at nothing until his old enemy has paid the price for killing his father. The only thing that matches his flair and huge screen presence is his lust for revenge.

Momoa says: “It was fun to figure out his specific balance of playfulness and psychopathy. Dom doesn’t understand how tricky and sly Dante is, and how Dante has duped him into his web.”


Played by: Michelle Rodriguez, last seen rocking Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves
Who? Street racer, criminal and mechanic extraordinaire

Now married to Dom, Letty must join him in not only sheltering stepson Little B but in protecting the wider family. And that includes fighting cyberterrorist Cipher.

Rodriguez says: “I would imagine that when you are not the mother of a child by blood – and the child’s mother was killed when he was young – and you are the caretaker – you gain very deep ties… and if anybody would understand what having a sense of home would mean to a child, it would be Letty.”


Played by: John Cena, the WWE legend turned rock-hard star of The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker
Who? Former Toretto black sheep

After his introduction in F9 as the younger pissed-off Toretto brother, Jakob returns to the family fold for Fast X. When Reyes comes gunning, Dom asks Jakob to act as protector for his son Little B.

Cena says: “Jakob is called to be a guardian to Little B… not only do we see him quickly become the cool uncle to Little B, but we see him show his ability to be inventive and physical again, too.”


Played by: Brie Larson, Oscar winner and plays Marvel superhero Captain Marvel
Who? Daughter to former Agency head Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell)

With Tess working at the Agency, director Louis Leterrier calls her “the guardian angel” for Dom. Which is just as well: she’s one of the few there now who has his back.

Larson says: “When we first meet Tess, she’s at the agency, fighting to stay with the Toretto family despite their differences with the Agency’s views. There’s an intense scene where her perspective clashes with Aimes, who sees the Toretto family as nothing more than a cult with cars.”


Played by: Alan Ritchson, famed for his crim-bashing in Jack Reacher
Who? Mr. Nobody Mark II

Arriving to take over from Mr. Nobody, Aimes brings a new energy to the Agency. He’s a man with an eye on the future – and he certainly doesn’t like or trust Dom or his family.

Ritchson says: “Aimes is essentially the new Mr. Nobody. He’s a little cleaner and more precise… a neurosurgeon with a scalpel. He is disarmingly unflappable.”


Played by: Charlize Theron, the brilliant Mad Max: Fury Road’s Furiosa
Who? Psychotic cyberterrorist

A criminal mastermind first seen in Fast And Furious 8, Cipher really has it in for Dom. However after a run in with Dante Reyes (Momoa), her motives this time around aren’t clear. Her fight with Letty is also a bone-shaking Fast X highlight.

Theron says: “One of her great strengths I lean on is that she is always a few moves ahead of everybody. She’s rapacious, self-serving and very good at single sports. People like her don’t change. They just go about it a different way.”

Deckard Shaw

Played by: Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie favourite and action legend from The Transporter and The Expendables
Who? Dom’s mercenary frenemy

He’s been against them, he’s been with them, he’s been 1-on-1 with The Rock – and now ex-MI6 agent Shaw only has one thing on his mind: to save his mum, Queenie (Helen Mirren).

Statham says: “Shaw is reacting and adapting to a volatile situation where he has to save his mother. The business that he’s about to dish out is connected to something much bigger involving Dom and his team, so Shaw crosses paths with the group when they encounter a common enemy.”


Played by: Helen Mirren, the Grand Dame of British cinema
Who? That’s Mrs. Shaw to you

Cockney crime mother to Deckard and Owen Shaw, Queenie is another no-nonsense matriarch who gets pulled into this globe-trotting carnage.

Mirren says: “Queenie is a force to be reckoned with, and if anyone has a unique understanding of family, and what it takes to keep them safe, it’s her.”


Played by: Sung Kang, who you’ll know from Star Wars show Obi-Wan Kenobi
Who? Expert drifter – and born survivor

Back from the dead in F9, the snack-munching Han is reunited with Deckard Shaw (Statham), the man who was seemingly responsible for his death back in The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift. At least he’s still smiling.

Kang says: “I never imagined that 17 years later I would still be here. Starting with Tokyo Drift, I have died how many times in this franchise? I have to thank the fans who demanded that Han be brought back, it is such a blessing.”


Played by: Tyrese Gibson, the F&F and Transformers fan favourite
Who? Ex-con car thief

Introduced in 2023’s 2 Fast 2 Furious, it wouldn’t be a Fast film without Roman Pearce. This time, Roman is in charge of the team’s mission in Rome, which spirals out of control in epic fashion.

Gibson says: “This movie is a little different for Roman. He’s in charge of the mission this time and he’s never tackled this before. Even though Dom is excited for him, it is still a lot of pressure.”


Played by: Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, the Grammy award-winning rapper, actor, and record exec

Who? Dom’s tech expert

Like Roman, his double-act partner, Tej has been around since almost the beginning. He might dream of one day owning a car shop, but that peaceful existence is going to have to wait until Reyes can be defeated.

Bridges says: “Over the last couple films, Tej has been able to get more and more action. You know, it’s martial arts, being able to do some fight scenes, to whoop some ass – that’s exactly what I’m all about.”


Played by: Nathalie Emmanuel, beloved for her roles in Game Of Thrones and The Maze Runner
Who? Highly skilled hacktivist

Joining Dom’s crew during the events of Furious 7, tech whiz Ramsey has become an essential cog ever since, not least as her skills surpass Tej’s. Her knowhow will prove vital this time out.

Emmanuel says: “Now Ramsey is really into cars. Because of her tech brain and her ability to code and manipulate things with a computer, I believe the merging of those two worlds of cars and tech for her is interesting.”

Little Nobody

Played by: Scott Eastwood, star of Pacific Rim Uprising and Suicide Squad
Who? The Agency’s Foundling

First seen in 2017’s F8, as the protégé to Mr. Nobody, Eastwood’s agent Little Nobody was AWOL in F9, but returns here. An integral part of the mission, Little Nobody will doubtless dish the dirt on what happened to his old mentor.

Eastwood says: “He uncovers a few pieces of information that take him abroad. Now that the gloves have come off, Little Nobody is part of the team. He’s got to help save the world in any way possible.”


Played by: Daniela Melchior, aka Ratcatcher 2 from The Suicide Squad
Who? Brazil’s finest street racer

A newcomer to the F&F franchise, with street racing roots, Isabel lines up against Dom and Dante Reyes in her yellow Datsun in a showdown through downtown Rio. But there’s a connection to Dom which is deeper than just racing.

Melchior says: “I discovered more about Isabel every day. She’s tough, but at the same time, she’s more vulnerable than she thinks. She’s broken and is looking to place the blame on someone else.”


Played by: Jordana Brewster, star of The Faculty and American Crime Story.
Who? Dom’s younger – more sensible – sister

As Vin Diesel revealed on Instagram, when his daughter discovered an early draft didn’t include Mia, she said: “NO MIA NO FAST X.” An essential part of the Toretto clan, Mia had more action than ever before in F9 – so expect that to continue.

Brewster says: “She’s always the one screaming, ‘Dom! No!’ And she’s always the one bringing everyone to their senses. She always puts family first, and she’s almost like the compass of sorts.”


Played by: Rita Moreno, the West Side Story musical marvel
Who? Grandma Toretto

Every family has a head, and while you could be forgiven for thinking that was Dom Toretto, we now get to meet Abuelita, grandmother to Dom, Mia and Jakob. And guess what? She doesn’t suffer fools.

Moreno says: “She’s very strong and gets the last word. Because that’s what happens in those relationships. Let’s not forget. She was a wild, crazy driver herself. It’s not as though she doesn’t understand what goes on.”

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