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Colman Domingo

Fear the Walking Dead‘s most recent episodes have become the show’s highest-rated among fans, at least according to IMDb.

The Walking Dead spin-off returned for its sixth season a few weeks ago, and it seems the latest outing has become a bigger hit with fans than previous seasons.

Episode one, The End is the Beginning, is currently the top-scoring episode of the entire series on the site, holding an 8.9 score, and is followed by this week’s third episode Alaska at 8.6. Episode two, Welcome to the Club, follows with 8.5.

While only a signifier of fan opinion, the acclaim is clearly a turnaround from season five, which received heavy criticism from both fans and critics.

Colman Domingo
Some fans weren’t impressed with the direction of season five. Credit: AMC

Speaking recent to NME, actor Colman Domingo (Victor Strand) was asked whether the negative response informed season six.

“I’m sure it has,” he said. “One of my favourite seasons was season three. I just felt the storytelling was top notch. Then, as we were restructuring for season four and five, we were introducing some characters you had to lay the foundation to build. That’s what we were doing for season four and five.

“I think sometimes our conflicts were not as dialled up because we were trying to go into this philosophy about being good in the world,” he added. “Then that becomes a greater conflict, where people feel like, ‘I can’t do that anymore, I have to be who I am, I have to do that.’

“So I think it’s all been a great setup for season six because season six is ferocious. It takes no prisoners. You’ll see some characters revert back to their old ways, characters that may have a new version of themselves because they have to. But what I love about it is you’ll see the underpinnings of what was underneath and what they were trying to achieve.”

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ airs Mondays at 9pm on AMC in the UK

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