Black Salt Games has confirmed that four updates for its fishing horror game Dredge are planned to release this year, including a photo mode and paid downloadable content (DLC) with a new story.

The roadmap for Dredge was revealed yesterday (May 1), with Black Salt Games producer Nadia Thorne writing through PlayStation.Blog to detail the upcoming changes.

The first update, set to arrive this month, will add map markers for players to mark points of interest on their map; along with unspecified balance tweaks and fixes for the game.

A second patch — which will arrive before July — will introduce photo and passive modes to Dredge.

“When it launches, our photo mode will see the addition of a new in-game character who’ll help players unlock their camera ability and share clues on where to find some of the local marine wildlife as subjects for your photography, some of which will be brand new in this update,” wrote Thorne.

Dredge. Credit: Black Salt Games

Additionally, the update’s passive mode will allow players to explore Dredge without being attacked by sea monsters.

The last free update is scheduled to launch between July and September, and will let players customise their boat with new paints and flags.

The roadmap is capped off with a “paid and entirely optional” DLC, which does not yet have a title but will task players with investigating Dredge‘s Ironhaven Corporation.

They’re looking to establish an innovative drilling operation in the area to revitalize the towns and populations, but their ultimate goal is unknown,” teased Black Salt Games.

Dredge. Credit: Black Salt Games

“As you gather materials to construct new buildings and biomatter to fuel the rig, meet new characters, craft new equipment, and catch new fish, you may uncover the truth behind their potentially nefarious operations.”

No release date for the DLC has been confirmed, but the roadmap has stated it will launch between October and December.

Dredge launched back in March and in NME‘s three-star review, we praised an “enchantingly strange presentation” that was let down by repetitive quests and dull fishing mechanics.

In other gaming news, Rovio’s CEO has shared that Angry Birds will be coming to console and PC due to Sega‘s acquisition of the company.

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