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Astro's Playroom

We are two weeks and two days away from the official launch of the PlayStation 5 on November 12, and unboxing videos and articles have now started to appear online from members of the media. With so much information to process at once, we’ve distilled all of it down to five major takeaways you should consider as you ready your credit card.

Embossed PlayStation easter eggs can be found on the console and the controller

The PS5 has a number of cool details that can only be seen close-up. PlayStation symbols are engraved on the plating that surrounds the main glossy section of the device, but the entire console is also embossed with PlayStation symbols that cover the unit. The same can be said for the DualSense controller, which uses the symbol texture to provide grip.

It’s tall but only slightly heavier than the Xbox Series X

The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley posted his impressions to Twitter, showing off the size of the device. Keighley notes that despite its large stature, the weight of the console is very similar to, if not a little bit heavier than the Xbox Series X which offers a more reserved, boxy design. There’s also a suave curve on the side of the device to accommodate the disc tray on the non-digital edition.

It comes with a stand as well as USB-C/3.0 ports

In the box, there’s a stand you can screw onto the bottom of the console to let it sit vertically. If you want the console placed horizontally, you simply slip the stand under the device and let it sit. As for the ports, USB 3.0 arrives as standard at the front and back of the device, with a USB-C connection on the front, alongside power and reset buttons.

The DualSense is a gamechanger

Many of those who already have the console are touting how comfy the DualSense feels to hold. The best news is that the console now supports USB-C for charging the controller too instead of Micro USB, but you can also get an outlet-powered charging kit to slot the DualSense into. It looks like a mini PS5, which is cute.

As for the rest of the accessories, you can see them all in Marques Brownlee’s unboxing video, over on YouTube.

The 3D Audio headphones have noise cancelling dual hidden microphones, and connect via a USB dongle, with USB-C charging and a 3.5mm jack. The new camera is 1080p and adaptable via a malleable stand, and will likely be useful for those with live streaming ambitions. Crucially you’ll also get an HDMI 2.1 cable in the box, which will let you hit those 4K 120 FPS heights if your TV supports it.

‘Astro’s Playroom’ makes great use of the DualSense

But what about the games? The unboxing videos stopped before the powering-on stage, but a few outlets have already published some previews which cover a hands-on experience with the DualSense and Astro’s Playroom, the game that comes pre-installed with the PS5.

The game appears to follow the adorable Astro Bot as they explore areas based on the PS5’s internal components, solving puzzles and platforming, all while showing off the haptic, adaptive benefits of the DualSense.

It looks like the DualSense is really the star of the show, as it is able to provide realistic friction as players navigate through different textures and materials like sand and water. It looks like it can even simulate the feeling of a loaded spring right in your hands. In IGN’s preview, a “sense of buoyancy” is also noted when the little critter is submerged in water, all made possible by the DualSense tech.

The Sony PlayStation 5 arrives November 12. Learn more at playstation.com.

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