'Fool Me Once'

**Major spoilers for the ‘Fool Me Once’ finale below**

Netflix have released all eight episodes of ‘Fool Me Once’, with many subscribers choosing to start their year by bingeing through it.

Find out what happens at the conclusion of the show below.

The British series was made for Netflix by Quay Street Productions, and was adapted by Danny Brocklehurst from a 2016 novel by Harlan Coben.

The story follows a family that has been rocked by a pair of murders, when Michelle Keegan’s Maya sees her murdered husband Joe (Richard Armitage) back as an intruder. At the same time, Maya’s niece Abby and nephew Daniel are investigating the murder of their mother, drawing connections between the two cases.

The show also stars Adeel Akhtar and Joanna Lumley, and all eight episodes were released onto Netflix on January 1.

In the penultimate episode, a major twist reveals that whereas it had appeared that Maya was trying to identify the circumstances surrounding her husband’s murder, it was in fact Maya herself who was responsible for the killing.

The climactic episode shows that Maya had grown to be suspicious that her husband had been involved in the murder of her sister Claire, after getting confirmation that a gun that only the two of them had access to had been the weapon used in Claire’s killing.

She swapped the gun, now in Joe’s possession, with a dud and arranged to meet him in a park. When they get into a confrontation and he pulls the dud gun on her, his guilt is confirmed to her. She shoots him in the chest with the real gun.

Maya attempts to make the murder look like a robbery and tries to frame a group of nearby teenagers, but one of them witnessed her crime.

The series then follows Maya as she uncovers the reason for Claire’s murder at the hands of Joe, tracing it to an anonymous whistleblower who had leaked footage of Maya killing civilians during her military combat service.

Claire attempted to help Maya by negotiating with the whistleblower, but ended up getting entangled in his investigation into Joe’s connections to a corrupt pharmaceutical company. Upon finding out about Claire’s dabbling, Joe decides he has to kill her to stop her from getting to the truth.

Maya learns the truth about Joe, as well as further dark family secrets in his past, leading her to the dramatic events of the series finale.

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