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A musician who claims he was a former member of the band Wet Leg has alleged his contribution to several songs wasn’t “recognised” by the band.

The former member, who is also the ex-partner of member Rhian Teasdale, has spoken to The Times, claiming he wasn’t given songwriting credits on several songs. He also claims the band name came from a conversation he had with his brother and not, as the band have explained previously, via combining emojis at random on a keyboard.

The band are led by Hester Chambers (lead guitarist and backing vocalist) and Teasdale (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), alongside Ellis Durand (bass, backing vocals) and Henry Holmes (drums, percussion)

Speaking about the band name, Doug Richards claimed: “For years me and a couple of friends had lists of stupid band names,” he explained. “Anytime you’d think of a funny combination of words you’d write it down. One of them was Wet Book. My brother misheard me and said ‘Oh you should call it Wet Leg. Rhian wasn’t sure. Seems to have worked though.”

Continuing about his claim that he co-wrote two songs with the band, ‘Oh No’ and ‘Too Late Now’ he went on to say he thinks he should now be credited on both.

He claims: “I feel frightened to try and approach the subject. But I did write [on those songs] and they are on the record. So I probably should get recognised.”

Speaking about leaving the band, he also goes onto further claim that following his break up from Teasdale, he was asked to leave the band. “I was really upset by it actually,” he told the publication. “I had the sense of it maybe being quite successful. I also felt like I helped to create it.”

NME has reached out to representatives of Wet Leg for comment.

Wet Leg
Wet Leg. CREDIT: Parri Thomas for NME

Back in May, Wet Leg’s Chambers and Teasdale were honoured as Songwriters Of The Year at the Ivor Novella Awards, with the judging panel describing their style as  “fresh, unapologetic and direct, with surprising melodies that demand attention.”

In a five star review of their debut album, NME said: “It rushes with liberating, infectious joy that makes you want to grab your own partner-in-crime and speed off on an adventure to find somewhere that’s, as ‘Angelica’s mantra suggests, is “good times all the time”. With Wet Leg as your soundtrack, it seems inevitable you’ll find that place.”

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