The Witcher 3

A studio founded by former CD Projekt Red staff that worked on The Witcher 3 is currently hiring for an online action game set in feudal Japan.

Called Dark Passenger, the new studio has been co-founded by former CD Projekt Red developer Jakub Ben, with its first game in the production stage.

Using Unreal Engine 5, the game will be an online multiplayer title with co-op and player vs player / player vs everyone elements. A “locomotion system” will let players do things like run on arrows fired by others, or climb vertical surfaces and use a “yari spear like a pole to jump over obstacles.”

There will also be a series of era-accurate weapons like katanas and wakizashi blades, with combat demanding “as much dexterity as tactics and close cooperation with teammates,” (via PC Gamer).

Player customisation will also be a focus, with cosmetic, weapon, and equipment changes available. Dark Passenger also highlights something called the Dojo, where players can invite friends for combat and movement training.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Credit: CD Projekt Red

The set up for the game comes as “nameless conquerors” overthrow the ruling shogun, with the secret houses of assassins sending their warriors to find artifacts of extraordinary power to stop them.

“Taking the role of the shinobi and kunoichi warriors, players will face akolites of the usurper but also other assassins that are hunting for the same finds,” reads the game’s description on the website.

“While traversing these dark lands, players characters will jump over city rooftops, hide underneath the floors of wooden huts, climb on the pagodas or sneak through shrines and temples. Vertical design of the terrain will open unlimited possibilities of movement and dynamic weather will surprise them with sudden rain, strong, dusty wind or dense mists.”

The listed platforms for the game include PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

In other news, lost horror title P.T. has been recreated in the unreleased Halo Infinite Forge system.

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