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The latest teaser from Fortnite suggests that characters from Rick And Morty could be the next crossover entities to enter the game.

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Developer Epic Games seem to be teasing their next big crossover on Twitter – this time involving the popular Adult Swim show Rick And Morty.

Today (June 7), the Fortnite Twitter account posted a brief video displaying the butter robot – a character from Rick And Morty which is briefly seen having a butter-related existential crisis back in the 2014 episode ‘Something Ricked This Way Comes.’

Previous Fortnite crossovers have typically brought in the biggest names from other franchises – including appearances from Thanos, Ripley, Batman, and the NBA franchise.

If previous crossovers are anything to go by, Fortnite will likely be going big and will perhaps be bringing the titular characters – scientist Rick Sanchez and unwilling sidekick/grandson Morty Smith – to the game.

These teasers are appearing ahead of Season 7 of Fortnite, which will be starting Tuesday (June 7) and is rumored to launching with an alien theme, on account of the not-so-subtle alien abductions that have been taking place in the game. It’s also reported that DC hero Superman will be joining the pair in the upcoming season.

More information – reportedly the trailer for Season 7 – will be announced today (June 7) as per the countdown included with the Rick and Morty sliding image teaser on their website.

Anything else included in the crossover will remain to be seen – however, the content of previous Fortnite crossovers suggests that players could receive a whole bunch of skins or even a new temporary gameplay event to enjoy.

In other news, Fornite could also be getting a ‘Mistborn: The Final Empire’ crossover at some point in the next season.

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