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Friday Night Dinner creator Robert Popper has revealed he leaves bizarre shopping lists in strangers’ trolleys.

Since last year, the writer and comedian has been posting screenshots of these lists on social media full of unlikely items, left in trolleys without context.

One from last November includes “150,000 cherries”, “angry mirror”, “keys to the city of Bradford” and six “coffee apples”.

Popper shared his most recent one earlier this week which asked the unsuspecting shopper to find “cauliflower for dentist”, 600 “vaginal lemons”, six “embarrassment tomatoes” and one helping of “non-drinking bleach”.

One user replied to his most recent tweet by writing: “That was left there to fuck with someone,” with Popper responding: “Yes. By me.”

Actress Susannah Fielding also responded to the recent list, saying: “Thank you. First belly laugh of the day.”

Take a look at some of Popper’s past shopping lists here:

In other Friday Night Dinner news, the show’s forthcoming 10th anniversary celebration is set to be dedicated to Paul Ritter, who died earlier this month.

The actor, who played dad Martin Goodman in the comedy series, passed away after suffering from a brain tumour.

“Devastated at this terribly sad news. Paul was a lovely, wonderful human being,” Popper said at the time. “Kind, funny, super caring and the greatest actor I ever worked with.”

Tom Rosenthal, who played Ritter’s on-screen son in Friday Night Dinner said: “Anyone who’s seen Friday Night Dinner knows the amount of shit we put him through and I never once heard him complain.

“I’ll be forever thankful for working with someone who was so supportive and who taught me so much about professionalism and humility in acting. It was a total pleasure an honour.”

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