During an appearance earlier today (Tuesday, February 2) on "Good Morning Britain", KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons commented on presenter Piers Morgan's suggestion that "racist yobs and thugs" racially abusing people on social media be issued fines. "I think your idea's spot-on," Gene said (see video below). "The only thing these hooligans understand is money, and to be punished. And just to get their wrists slapped, 'Oh, that's not a nice thing to do,' they don't care about that." Simmons went on to say that racial discrimination is still alive and well in the post-Obama era. "Things have changed, not just in America, but all over the world, but they haven't very much," he said. "I used to live with Diana Ross, a great lady, and she used to tell me about the SUPREMES touring the South. And they were even more popular than THE DAVE CLARK FIVE, and they'd go there and headline shows and everything. After the show, they couldn't stay in a hotel; they had to go to what's called the 'colored' hotel. And the next day, when they were driving out of town — they had a bus that everybody shared — people were shooting at them. Things haven't gone very far from then." Morgan made his original comments in response to Manchester United soccer player Marcus Rashford being the victim of horrific online abuse in the wake of his team's 0-0 draw at Arsenal on Saturday night. Simmons has been using his Twitter account in recent weeks primarily to share the latest political headlines and news about the ongoing pandemic. Last month, he sparred with some of his social media followers over debunked claims that widespread election fraud denied President Donald Trump a victory in the November election.

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