Genshin Impact, Dehya. Credit: Mihoyo.

Genshin Impact players have started campaigning for developer Mihoyo to fix the game’s latest character, Dehya, who fans claim has launched in a very weak state.

Dehya was added to Genshin Impact last week, however the “straightforward and stalwart” mercenary didn’t receive the usual fanfare reserved for new characters.

That’s because players have claimed Dehya is significantly underpowered compared to other playable characters in Genshin Impact. While her stats and abilities are visible on Genshin Impact‘s wiki, those who have played Dehya claim she lacks the damage output or survivability of other characters.

As a result, fans have taken to posting ‘#FixDehya’ on social media to try and urge Mihoyo to buff the underperforming newcomer. As visible on Twitter, many of the trending posts use the same text-based image that outlines how posters feel Dehya should be improved.

Suggested improvements include fixing the knockback on her normal attacks, bumping up her skill hit rate and changing her burst attacks to normal attack triggers.

The campaign has picked up over 44,000 tweets since it launched, and has since started trending in Japan.

However, it remains to be seen whether Mihoyo plans to improve Dehya. The studio is yet to address the community’s concerns, though Genshin Impact‘s latest patch has been ridiculed for delivering a cosmetic-only fix to her eye colour.

In other Genshin Impact news, Mihoyo will be changing the voice of Tighnari going forward, after allegations of sexual misconduct involving the character’s existing voice actor surfaced.

“Elliot Gindi, the English voice actor for Tighnari will no longer be voicing the character in subsequent versions due to a breach of contract,” announced Mihoyo.

The studio added that it is “communicating with the voice recording agency regarding matters of casting and re-recording” and will gradually replace Tighnari’s existing voice lines.

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