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MiHoYo has released a brand new Genshin Impact demo trailer for the upcoming playable character Raiden Shogun.

Ahead of the launch of update 2.1 tomorrow (September 1), Raiden Shogun takes the spotlight in the latest character demo trailer depicting her story, personality and gameplay style in montage form.

The dedicated trailer shows the Electro-powered Archon – a god in the world of Genshin Impact – engaging in fast-paced combat as well as activating her ultimate ability. Raiden Shogun has been shown off in several trailers before, however, this is the first one showing her in full detail.

Raiden Shogun was first introduced in update 2.0’s storyline with the addition of the newest region, Inazuma. As described on the official website, the Shogun is “the awesome and terrible power of thunder incarnate” and the exalted ruler of the Inazuma Shogunate.

Raiden Shogun will be a five-star character when she is introduced, making her one of the rarest figures in Genshin Impact. She will also be the third playable Archon in the game, after Venti and Zhongli.

Update 2.1 will also introduce Kujou Sara and Sangonomiya Kokomi. Kujou Sara will be a four-star bow-wielder who uses an electro Vision and was previously revealed during the Inazuma storyline in 2.0, while Sangonomiya Kokomi is a hydro mage healer.

The update will also introduce Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, a timed PlayStation exclusive character who will eventually arrive on PC at a later date.

Meanwhile, miHoYo is already releasing new teasers for Genshin Impact update 2.2, confirming Thoma will be playable soon. The developer shared a new post yesterday detailing the “Protector From Afar”.

As Thoma is a side character it’s unclear whether or not he will be a four-star or five-star character when his banner is eventually added to the game. As 2.1 is set to launch on September 1, it’s likely 2.2 will arrive in the next couple of months.

Despite Genshin Impact requiring players to unlock and complete the quest to access the Inazuma region, one player was able to break into the region while underleveled.

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