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God Of War

Santa Monica Studio is already hiring for an unannounced game.

The studio, most notably known for creating God Of War and its upcoming sequel, are seemingly already beginning production of a new unannounced game.

News of the upcoming title was made aware in a job listing on the developer’s Twitter. Looking for a new experienced art director, the company is seeking someone “to deliver best-in-class visual quality” on “the development of a new unannounced title”.

See the full announcement below:

Development is suggested to already be underway, while Santa Monica Studio is continuing to work on the God Of War sequel, which is still yet to receive a confirmed release date outside of its 2021 launch window.

It was originally announced as a closing reveal for the PS5 Showcase back in September last year (2020). Little of the project is known outside of a title revealed at the time.

The original PS4 reboot of God Of War has also received some enhancements for the PS5. Santa Monica Studio has incorporated DualSense capabilities such as feeling the power of Kratos’ shield, while also ensuring game saves can be carried over with a new 60 frames per second mode.

A God Of War prequel comic is also expected to drop in March, which aims to bridge the gap between God Of War III and the PS4 reboot, seemingly merging the two story arcs together.

Kratos’ also joined Fortnite late last year (2020) as an unlockable character skin. It’s part of an initiative to introduce characters from existing IPs such as the Master Chief from the Halo series.


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