Creative Assembly has revealed extensive details about Grand Cathay’s appearance in Total War: Warhammer 3.

Grand Cathay, a Chinese-analogue faction that is often referred to as one of the ‘lost’ nations, has never made an appearance outside of background lore and mysterious snippets of information. This reveal finally brings the nation to the forefront of the franchise, and a new trailer released today has unveiled details about play style, army roster, and rulers.

As one of the most powerful civilizations in the Warhammer universe, Grand Cathay has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, ruled over by the descendants of the Celestial Dragon Emperor.

Miao Ying, the Storm Dragon, rules over Northern Cathay and the armies of the Great Bastion, whereas Zhao Ming, the Iron Dragon, commands the West. These two powerful beings are capable of assuming a human form and wielding the mysterious powers of Yin and Yang.

Grand Cathay is ruled in relative harmony, so the play style of this faction will rely on balance and order. The longer armies can maintain harmony on the battlefield and keep chaos at bay, the bigger the bonuses they can unlock.

The core of the army roster is built around Jade Warriors and the Celestial Dragon Guard, two expert troops supported by the Terracotta Sentinels, the Wu-Xing War Compass, and the Great-Jade Longma Riders.

More information on Grand Cathay is due to be released soon, according to the official blog post.

Despite the inclusion of Grand Cathay, Creative Assembly has confirmed that no other ‘lost’ nation will appear in the game. Fans questioned if the Araby nation might be included, but a message in the Discord replied with “there are currently no plans to introduce Araby to the Total War: Warhammer series”.

Yesterday, September 13, Total War: Warhammer 3 was delayed from its 2021 release and moved to “early 2022”.

In a statement sent out via Twitter, CPO in charge of Total War: Warhammer 3, Rob Bartholomew said that “While it’s tempting to rush to the finish line as it comes in to view, we have made the decision to give it a little more time by moving the launch of Total War: Warhammer 3 from 2021 to early 2022.”

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