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Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day side project The Network are teasing the release of a new record called ‘Money Money 2020 Part II’.

The punk band have always denied being behind The Network, who released their first and only album ‘Money Money 2020’ in 2003.

A mysterious video appeared on The Network’s Instagram account yesterday (October 29), featuring a creepy voiceover, skulls, lizards and more. “The insignificance of man can not be overstated,” the voice says.

“So in the year of ‘Money Money 2020’, as mark two approaches, remember one thing…” The clip then cuts to footage of the masked band singing: “We’re right, you’re wrong/We told you so.” Watch it below now.

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The Network were formed in the year 2003, fulfilling an ancient prophecy predicting that we, its chosen members, would issue a stern warning to mankind in the form of music. Released as the album titled Money Money 2020 we shined the headlights upon the follies and vanity of man kind. Rapidly achieving fame and fortune, we had often been mistaken as the planets greatest rock ‘n’ roll band Green Day. This earthly comparison is almost as comical as the humans that inhabit this dying planet! A Time Machine & The Church of Lushotology… After our mercurial rise and the foundation of the Church of Lushotology. We have seen riches beyond imagination, thus we abandoned the doldrums of stardom and focused our efforts on time travel and the salvation of things beyond the human grasp! Within our travels through both time and space we have seen the futures foretold in the prophecy, and it is both disastrous and hilarious! Beyond these interstellar crossroads lie parallel dimensions where the oxymorons can create their own destiny! Choose wisely, for the devolution of man has always been a choice. The release of “Money Money 2020 Part II" will serve as the final lesson! Within the binary codes of this album exist the keys to our past, present, and future DNA! The Gods are laughing & it’s up to you to prove them wrong… You're welcome… The Network The Church of Lushotology is in session and it’s time to drink up!

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Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong shared the video and other clips of music on his Instagram Story, captioning the posts with things like, “I don’t know who this is. And we are not @thenetwork” and “This @thenetwork definitely NOT GREEN DAY”.

“Fuck these guys,” he wrote on another post before sharing fans’ confused comments about The Network’s identity.

Meanwhile, Armstrong is set to release a compilation of his ‘No Fun Mondays’ covers series next month. The star began the weekly series during lockdown and has shared his take on songs by The Bangles, Kim Wilde, Billy Bragg and more in the months since.

Last week (October 22), the frontman revealed which old Green Day record was the only one in the band’s back catalogue that he would make a “part two” of.

“We would never make a ‘part two’ of any past Green Day album,” he wrote on Instagram. “But if we did it would be ‘Insomniac’…”

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