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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has launched to a fair amount of negative feedback, and now players are taking to Metacritic whilst demanding refunds. 

To start, user scores across Metacritic for GTA: The Trilogy are incredibly low. The games scored 0.6 out of ten on PC, 0.5 on Xbox Series X, 1.0 on PS5, and 0.6 on Nintendo Switch (all as of November 14). Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has also been removed from PC, meaning the game cannot be purchased on the platform.

GTA: The Trilogy ah shit here we go again
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. Credit: Rockstar Games.

A glance at the Rockstar Support Twitter page (thanks, Eurogamer) also reveals that the service is being inundated with requests for refunds, for which users are directed to get a ticket and talk to customer support.

One of the currently most upvoted posts in the r/pcgaming subreddit highlights what Rockstar Games could and should have done, in the user’s opinion, claiming the developer gives “zero fucks”.

Rockstar games has legit destroyed their rep with the PC community and they give zero fucks from pcgaming

The post says Rockstar should have relicensed songs, not implemented aggressive DRM, “not sue a bunch of modders that were clean room redeveloping their older games,” and “not delete a bunch of mods that did a better job than them.”

This all comes as CEO of the GTA: The Trilogy remaster developer Grove Street Games, Thomas Williamson, tweeted on launch day (November 11): “It’s so fun to see players out there really enjoying what we’ve put together for them. I’m honestly enjoying this unparalleled level of scrutiny on our studio.”

The Rockstar Games launcher may be back up, but the trilogy is still unable to be purchased from there as it was taken down. The game is back up on the PlayStation store, however, after it was pulled for unlocking for some players too early.

In other news, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has said the company is taking the criticism of its Nintendo 64 emulation “very seriously”.

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